Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The First Birthday Party Photos!

The first report and photos of a Marie Webster/TQHF Birthday Party are here! We hope this is just the first of many more to come! Enjoy!

The Morgan County Schoolhouse Quilters Guild celebrated Marie's 150th birthday on July 21, 2009 at Ady's Quilt Shop in Morgantown, Indiana.

Lisa Dodson of Martinsville, Indiana, made the beautiful cake, which replicates a Marie Webster Windblown Tulips quilt.

Dale Drake, who organized the party, brought Marie's 1915 book "Quilts: Their Story and How to Make Them" , The Quilters Hall of Fame binder-form book containing the stories of the first 34 Honorees, and Rosalind Webster Perry's two books "A Joy Forever" and "Marie Webster's Garden of Quilts" to share with the party goers and gave a brief history of Marie's contributions to the quilt world.

She also brought books by Merikay Waldvogel, the 2009 Inductee, and shared information about Merikay and the Celebration 2009 activities.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Marie and Lisa blew out the candles and cut the cake. Pieces were sold for a suggested donation of $5 apiece, and $107 was raised for the Quilters Hall of Fame.

The delighted party goers!

Party goers in alpha order: Linda Ayers, Mary Bryan, Pamela Burns, Marilyn Cullen, Lisa Dodson, Dale Drake, Patsy Elliott, Janis Hoffman, Eva Leonard, Neta Phelps, Sue Roe, Marilyn Rosenbaum, Donna Spain, Dixie Steen, Kathy Steere, Lisa Vanzant, Debra Wright.

Thank you Dale, for taking the time to organize a party and spread the word about The Quilters Hall of Fame and our mission! And thank you to Addy's Quilt Shop and to the Morgan County Schoolhouse Quilters Guild for hosting the party!

We hope you'll come to Marion and visit The Quilters Hall of Fame in the Marie Webster House soon to see our next exhibit, curated by our Founder Hazel Carter!

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